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In one magical moment, Jonathan (John Cusack) and Sara (Kate Beckinsale) meet unexpectedly and spend a romantic winter day together, although both are involved with other people. Sara decides that it will be fate that will eventually bring them togetherand leaves without giving Jonathan any way of contacting her. Ten years later, they are both engaged to others but cannot give up the dream that they will meet again. DVD material also includes cast and crew commentary, a behind-the-scenes - (Alert)

While Christmas shopping in the city, Jonathan and Sara meet and fall in love despite already being involved in other relationships; they decide to separate and see if fate will bring them together in the future. - (Baker & Taylor)

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The front runner for 2001's best date movie, this fate-fueled, sweet yet sardonic romantic comedy stars John Cusack as a Manhattanite who meets the girl of his dreams (British girl-next-door Kate Beckinsale), spends a day falling in love, then loses her to kismet when a series of wild coincidences make her decide to leave their potential amour in the hands of destiny. If it's meant to be, she says, they'll meet again. Ten years later, as they're about to marry other people, Cusack and Beckinsale scour New York in a desperate last ditch attempt to find each other. Frustratingly funny near-misses drive the rest of this witty, ambrosial romance that features its two leads at their most appealing. Serendipity's only real downfall is that it barrels right past one perfectly good romantic ending to conclude five minutes later with another one that's over-scripted to conform to the cute coincidence formula. Recommended. (R. Blackwelder Copyright 2003 Video Librarian Reviews

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